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  1. I love your work.... Maybe some day I will be able to just make a knife
  2. So I have taken a little break from forging and the idea of making my own gravers BUTT now I'm BACK! ;-) and I was hoping you would share some of your own home made gravers and if ou are feelin up to it maybe a write up on how you made them.
  3. Sorry folks .... I am a visual learner.... (a little slow in the thought process sometimes) so on that embarrassing note, can anyone post PICTURES ? Thanks ;-)
  4. Tom thanks a WHOLE bunch! This will get me on the rite track. :-)
  5. Oh man ..... I thought it was just because they are AWESOME hammers.....;-)
  6. Tom, that's awesome ! I'm in! Sorry I have been away for a while but would love it if u would show and tell!
  7. That's great advise thanks. I always seem to get caught up in the fact that I don't have "all the tools" so I tend to get discouraged and almost talk myself out of things that I might REALY enjoy! Thanks to helping me put it into perspective. Don't get me wrong I make a good living but I am not rich so shelling out upwards of $500.00 for something I am not sure if I will REALY REALY enjoy is kind of hard you know what I mean. I just am looking to test the waters and who knows I may fall head over heals like I did with smithing .... But I can't thank you all enough for the wealth of knowledge and support you all show !
  8. Wow thanks for all the info! Looking at just the cost it might be a while before I can get started buying the equipment, but in the mean time I will read read read! Awesome stuff tho.
  9. That's awesome work sterling! I was hoping to go metal, but havent a clue where to start or if I will like it so I was trying to do it on the cheap and maybe move up from there
  10. So I have started to look into engravig and was wondering how hard it is to make the gravers and what to make them from, so any ideas?
  11. I had a chance to see Brian's brother Ed use it the other day! Man that stuff sure is neat...... I would have to say it gives a beginner like myself a bit of encouragement.
  12. maybe we can add some pictures of those most used hammers ????
  13. my pops was a pipe fitter, and always told me use the 6010, its an all around rod that doesn't need that much maintenance, and the 6011 is a bit more needy, and wants a CLEAN surface. but that's just my .02 cents
  14. I don't have a whoe lot of forge time in, but I do have a few hammers and a friend who has a whole assortment of hammers, lee silva @ black sheep forge. And I mostly use his hammer, it is a brazeial (sp) style and I love it!
  15. +1 that's amazing ! I enjoyed that. Thanks for sharing! It reminds me that things CAN be made very simple with minimal tools.