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  1. I've heard of people using simple frying pans and filling it with a special kind of cement, and having an 'open casket' (or whatever you call it) forge. I've seen lots of stuff like that on Youtube, and they can make good steel red-hot. Thanks for all the help everyone! It's great to have experienced advice.
  2. I was thinking of just making a forge/kiln out of an igloo-style brick creation mounted on layers of cynderblock. Do you think that will work well? Though that's only by comparison... I'm not looking to do professional work, I just want to make some metal hot and pound on it. From that armature perspective, my search criteria wideness considerably. Is there some state-wide blacksmith second-hand trade store chain? Besides the kiln, I need a good hammer, anvil and tongs to get started, and I have no idea where to look. I was thinking a horseshoeing depot; they use blacksmith tools a lot.
  3. Wow, than you all for the quick replies! I will definitely check all your suggestions out.
  4. Well... That depends. I would assume the solid fire would be easier to maintain, plus blowing the bellows gives undying satisfaction. Do you know where I could get a solid fuel forge? Or I've seen how simple they can be, I assume I could just build one.
  5. Hey everyone who reads this, I am new here. I am also new to the art of blacksmithing, and the basics of metallurgy. Though I am no stranger to manipulating things with my hands, I have a good head start there. I could use any experienced forger
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