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  1. He's a really nice and knowledgeable smith. I watched him demo at the Mississippi Forge Council shop. A real treat!
  2. Gonna attempt to make a few rr spike fredricks crosses.
  3. I've already started sketching out a wall mounted coat rack. I agreed with everything you posted here. On the girl friend subject...MIA... Atleast I still have my hammer!! Ha ha
  4. One ton in that little car??? Just joking. L Brand in the USA is about $390 per ton and they ship as well as allow personal pick up. I met some of your countrymen while I was stationed at Al Udeid Airbase. They were great guys and I'm proud to have served with them.
  5. It sounds like the same techniques used in making chainmail would help.
  6. http://www.annarbor.com/news/opinion/we-need-to-stop-the-exportation-of-water-from-the-great-lakes-to-china/ Nestle gets the water free due to water rights then sells it to China. The way I understand it, it is severly draining Lake Michigan. But I must admit i have heard it on tv and read it on the Internet news site but have not witnessed it my self.
  7. I've seen this mixture in action and it's awesome goop!! I'll be making my own batch soon.
  8. I suppose depending on how rural your new home is will dictate the building permits. They are nonexistent out in the sticks here in central Mississippi. Might I suggest building a lean-to structure. Depending on your lots size, you can add on to a lean-to with ease. It can be widened by building another stall and by building onto the high side of the pitched roof, making it a two pitch roof like most homes. Crushed granite or pea gravel is in my mind best for the floor due to it's forgiveness of the sore feet syndrome, not effected by moisture, and keeps you from tracking in dirt into the home leading you to having to sleep in the smithy.!! Lol. The more light the better. I wired my smithy with 3 rows of lights. Each row on a separate switch so I can shade any part of the shop for accurate metal temp colors. Good luck!
  9. As long as the strands are not broken the possibilities are endless. The broken strands will make the blade look not as clean after the etch but could cause cold shuts in the weld. A cable blade is so welded, twisted and hammered that any stress it received in it's previous life will be forged out. A good guide on forging cable is in the book "The Complete Bladesmith" by Jim Hrisoulas. Be sure it's all steel and not the fibercore type. Happy hammering!!!
  10. If the metal was sparking you were at and beyond white hot. The sparks indicate your actually "burning" the steel.
  11. I used an old inner tube for a rear wheel of a tractor. I just doubled it over to get four layers, sat my anvil on top, used a utility knife and trimmed it around the anvil base, then finished it off by hammering in and bending bridge nails around the feet to keep it from walking. Very little ring from my #100 Hay Budden now.
  12. Brake drum forges as well as other home built or store bought forges will allow you to forge a knife and sword. You work section by section from the point to hilt when making these items. Heating this one section at a time is the normal process. The forge size becomes an issue when you heat treat the near finished blade. Most smiths build a specific forge for this that will heat the entire blade at one time for hardening and tempering. Pictures and articles that cover this are all over the Internet. You also can purchase books or videos to help you. My personal favorites include The $50 Knifeshop and The Complete Bladesmith by Dr. Jim Hirsoulas (forgive the spelling JPH) he is known as JPH here on iforgeiron. Happy Hammering!!!
  13. Correct me if I'm wrong but using coke instead of coal would save coking time, less contaminates in forge welding, and less clinkers. I realize that one must have the following- larger holes in the air screen and an electric blower. I am installing an electric blower when I wire the smithy and since I built my forge I see no issue with enlarging the air holes. Any info or opinions?
  14. I agree. As a nation we are even selling the water from the Great Lakes to China!!!
  15. I got a quote from L brand coke. Shipped to my work place one ton for $526. Not a bad deal in my book.
  16. Is seems like everytime I ask where someone is getting their coal, where can I get a ton, or any question about coal I either get no answer or someone suggest I switch to gas. I'm not angry at all. I'm just trying to get supplies. I live in central Mississippi. The only company I've found selling coal in #50 bags up to a ton is Buck Ice and Coal in Columbus, GA. I plan to call them soon but I'm somewhat gun shy since this is the only company I found willing to sell one ton to a private citizen. I'm willing to drive to other states. I feel I'll get a better deal buying by the ton than ordering by the bag and having it shipped. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  17. I'm not trying to be a smart mouth, but you can build or forge everything you listed in this request. You can make a huge forge with the pan from a wheel barrow. You can forge your own tongs to meet your needs. It's a proud moment when you look around at what you created, using what you created. Yes it will take more time than money, but you can customize for your own needs. The $50 Knife shop is a great book to help in this area. Check out the blueprint section of this website and anvilfire.com as well. Best of luck and be sure to post pictures of your work.
  18. Yeah I'm still single but I thought ahead on the doghouse I might get put in.....lol. It really does draft well even with a small fire. I'll post pictures when this mobile app. allows me.
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