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  1. Well I have used this hammer for 2 days and it seems to be fine no evidence of wriggling loose. I chuckled every time I checked during the time I was using it. BTW I am hammer a set of tongs and I have made the bit too short, so I won't be able to use it with piece perpendicular to the tongs. Doug
  2. Yeah the metal got really hot. Moved it around a little. Man do I have a lot to learn, but that's the beauty of it. I will be attempting a set of tongs tomorrow. I just the the PC out there with me. What surprises me is that the metal moves a little easier than I thought, I just need to move how I want it to.
  3. Well I finally fired it up. Of course some of this is temporary. I just had to get it hot. I cut a piece and flattened some out. Man I see why having the right tools will help a lot. I am using a pair of channel locks and it is very difficult. I am am trying to make a set of tongs. I am going to have to use a dimmer switch for my fan it seems to be going through the wood pretty fast. Here are some Pictures. It blows on top.. Blows from side.. I will have to cut some of the pot out
  4. This isn't what I was talking about. But this is what i have done. Air comes down from the top of pipe. the pipe is 3" in diameter. The slot has 1/2 inch gap.
  5. So I guess my real question would be: Would it make a good secondary anvil? Well what kind of work could be done with it. As far as sounding loud...uh not a concern of mine. I have an anvil that has a beautiful ring to it when I wanting to make music. Tin smithing maybe, copper hey I may be answering for myself...who knows I'm green.
  6. I'm not hard up for an anvil, just thought it would be nice to have another one, because 2 of us will be using the one we have and needed some advice since I'm no expert. Thanks for replying, now I won't waste a 1.5 hour drive.
  7. I'd like the opinion of you guys on this anvil? I want another anvil and I will go and pick it up if some of you experts give a nod.
  8. I have it attached to the stand in the bottom picture above. That was a table. it is very sturdy and heavy.
  9. But I'm getting a flatbed truck............lol Maybe my s-10 will hold it then.
  10. Question maybe it's not a dumb one. How much space does it take. could I haul it on a 3500 chevy truck, etc... just wondering...lol
  11. I hit a bump in the road. My grinder /cutter um...burnt up. I have to wait till payday..
  12. I just looked and this hammer has some kind of wedge in it.???? circly one anyway.
  13. BTW thanks for the link. I will bookmark that one.
  14. I agree maddog. It may for several reasons at this moment. One finance play a part. The situation we are in. We are temporarily down to one vehicle. and believe it or not we have been having problems with our postal service. I can't seem to get our mail or things ordered. We have had to go the the post office 3 times now to do paperwork saying we still live, where we have lived for 11 yrs. Very frustrating. I also trying save some money to get a new/used truck. 3500 chevy crew flatbed. I need a truck and big enough to hold my family. I have 5 children: 1 wife 2 boys(one with a w. chair) and 2 girls. All that being said, may be why I am frugaling and being a "Chesapeake" beginning BS. Its all good. My son is excited about our new found anvil and hobby, he says we need another anvil already and we have only ping tested the one we have. Don't you just love it with kids.