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  1. Cool tool huh? Lol I did a lot of safety wiring nuts and bolts while in the Air Force. A pair of safetywire pliers is a cool thing to twist small rod like 1/8th stock for forge projects.
  2. Anyone thought of using coke. In my opinion it doesn't hardly smoke. I have none of theses issues since I live in the middle of nowhere. Deaden the anvil, go with an induction forge and remind the neighbors you can provide cool and unusual gifts anytime through out the year......then remind them you swing a big hammer!! Sorry guys. I'm a military veteran who loves this country but I believe we have become way to whiny!!!
  3. I'm unable to post pictures of it. Can anybody tell me I it's a complete unit if I email them a photo?
  4. Apparently so....lol I'm just looking for people who have long term experience with this set up.Thanks for the reply anyway. Replis means it stays at the top of the list!! haha
  5. In the book "The Complete Modern Blacksmith" on page 279 the author teaches how to make hammer dies using rail track filling the space with a carved to mate hardwood. Has anyone tried this?
  6. I got it all freed up using BD 7-77 penetrating oil. Any suggestion on motor size?
  7. Thanks for posting! A founding father swinging a hammer. Who woulda thunk it?
  8. My brother-in-law calls me up and asked did I want this old drill press. I said sure, be there in a jiffy. It's a little froze up but it's a Champion brand belt driven drill press stamped 1904!!! I'm tickled red, white and blue!!!
  9. In your opinion what would it best be suited for? As you might have already guess I'm new at this so any ideas on it's best uses is welcome.
  10. My case is this land has been in our family since around 1860 so lots of scrap has been piled. It makes me smile!!!
  11. I'm a country boy so I know all about the odd things used as land corner markers. This was pushed up in a dirt pile where they had trenched for the water run off into a creek. It looks to have been buried atleast 10 years ago and was on my sisters land not in the road rightaway. No worries, I get my metal off of family land.
  12. Nice!! What cell phone do you have. The reason I ask is I have the old IPhone 3G and I can't post pictures through the web browser or the IPB app.
  13. Thanks for the idea! I've been thinking about how I might get a demo anvil. I might just use some of this to face a block and make my own demo anvil. Man it's such a blessing having all these smiths so connected and willing to share!!!
  14. I inherited my Hay Budden #100 anvil. In a discussion with my dad the subject of where it came from popped up. I've heard they stopped making this anvil around 1921 so it leads me to believe it belonged to my Great Grand Father. My question is, can an anvil be soaked in something to remove rust? I used a cup brush on a 4 1/2 grinder to clean it up about a year ago and only found the "100" stamped on the side but found no other markings. I would really like to know the year model for sentimental reasons.
  15. That's what I wanted to hear! I had in mind to make hardy hole tools and a hot cut guiletine as well as a fuller guiletine for daggers and swords later.
  16. So spark test and have fun huh? I'm thinking it will make good tools and such. I'm new at this and just getting my shop set up. That's the reason for my 100+ post and questions on here.
  17. Go ahead ad mess with it.......I hope you have a power hammer...........mb
  18. Sorry if this is a repeat thread. I did a search and had no results before I posted this. No worries. If it's not forgeable I can always find a use for it elsewhere.
  19. Hey guys. Can anyone tell me what kind of steel grader blades are made of. I live on a gravel road and found it in the road ditch near my house. It similar to the blade on the common 3 point hitch box blade. It has some spring to it so I'm really excited finding such a large piece. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  20. I had never heard of tempering tongs but had though about welding some round to vise grips so it would heat evenly on both sides. I suppose I was headed in the right direction but it never hurts to ask. Thanks!! And by the way I never take offense to being wrong although there's always "what's right vs what works". Thanks again.
  21. Correct me if I'm wrong please. Its my understanding that a clay coated blade tempers it's self somewhat leaving the spine softer and the edge very hard. The hot rod idea suggested is used after a tempering heat then soften the middle section of the blade. Essentially the rod idea leaves a blade softer the the middle with a saw edge and standard edge slightly softer than quenched brittle/hard like a clay coated blade.
  22. For some reason round rod never entered my mind. Thanks for the info.
  23. A friend of mine asked me to design and make a knife for him. It's a survival type with saw teeth in the spine. How would I go about tempering the blade to keep the edge and saw teeth hard and give a little flex via a softer center? Its forged from a leaf spring and is 8"" from point to plunge cut. Approx 3/16 thick. I'll can only email pics. My phone won't let me post pics on here. Ill send a picture to anyone who wants it. Thank!
  24. Nice!! It's fun making something awesome out of something someone discarded as junk. Keep it up!
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