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  1. I'll check Lowes the next time I'm drooling over tools there. Thanks for the help.
  2. Hey guys. I'm planning on doing some cable knives soon and was wondering what you fellas use to keep the bundles together. I've been told to use iron wire but I can't find any. Substitutes? I would mig them together but I don't want to introduce any extra foreign materials if I can help it.
  3. The purpose of a post vise it to absorb heavy impact so it is necessary for the leg to rest on a solid plate. The plate can be part of the stand in the case of using a portable vise mount. I don't have a way to post pics because I used my iPhone for all of my Internet usage. My vise is mounted on a post set in the dirt floor of my shop. Your vise should have a spike of sorts on the long downward leg. Mine did not so I forged a tire iron to fit the socket and let it rest on a metal plate sunk into the concrete poured around the post. I hope this helps and good luck!!!
  4. You can weld a hardie shank to them and use it as an anvil 3rd hand. Ir like me...the light switch went out on my livingroom ceiling fan. It only stayed on if the pull cord had weight in it. Vise grips to the rescue!!! Yeah I know that's why I'm still single.
  5. You might be a blacksmith if.... Your questioned by the local police about your multiple inquiries about where you can buy "coke"
  6. Stove caulking is ideal for inside use but won't last through one good rain if used outside.
  7. Unfortunately I didn't see this post until I got home today.. I was there for a short time today Mr. Brazeal. I was the one that asked you about moving to Mississippi as I was coming from the general store. And concidering I don't know of any straight springs in my junk pile you must be thinking of someone else. One thing is for sure. I'll be looking forward to taking classes from you in the future.
  8. Is the meeting still on for tomorrow and if so, what is the subject of the meeting? I haven't been to one in a while so I'm out of the loop.
  9. I'm in the process of building mine . It's a 15x20 lean-to added on to the back of my motorcycle shop. The roof incline is a 12ft to 8ft height difference. I have the option to widen it in the future if needed. The floor is packed red clay sand and I will soon be adding a two to three inch layer of pea gravel. I'm mounting my post vice, buffer and bench grinder on post instead of on the work bench. That should leave more room for rack space on the wall for supplies etc. Good luck and be sure to follow all building codes if there are any.......I'm so far out in the boonies that no one even hear
  10. Thanks guys. I've decided to turn down any request to do this. A set of blades cost about $60 shipped so it's cheaper for them to buy them than it is for me to get sued!! Besides, who owns a tractor and hasn't invested in a grinder? Thanks for the info!
  11. I told a guy today that I'm getting into blacksmithing. He wants me to learn to sharpen his bush hog blades. I've spoken to a few smiths about it. The most recent conversation the guy told me he hammers the bevel at a steep angle that's almost flat according to him. He said he tried tempering them but found that they last just as long if you let them cool by throwing them in the driveway leaving them for a few hours. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
  12. Revolution time? Let me get my tomahawk!!! Lol it sounds like all the more reason to join a forge counsel or form one if there isn't one in your region. I'm only 35 and I remember as a kid in the early 70's the train coming through my hometown of Ethel, MS. There was always coal left behind from the train cars. Also the I'll never forget the wood shaving and coal smoke coming from the town smithy operated by Mr. Lawson Burchfield.
  13. Thanks Jerry. I was beginning to think that the one guy that called the Rick and Bubba Show and myself were the only ones who knew about Carbon Hill!!! I'll contact the Alabama crew . Thanks again!!
  14. I was refering to ordering the screw and making the screwbox myself using Acme thread type nuts and allthread
  15. Ciladog you hit the nail on the head. Thank you!! Hopefully I can post pictures when I get this repaired. I haven't figured how to post pics since my only internet source is my Iphone. Thanks again!!
  16. Thats what I was looking for!!! Thanks! Are you refering to the brass stock you can get at the hardware store or the brazing sticks you see at welding shops. Also what do you suggest would be the best flux for this application? Thanks again!!
  17. I was thinking of completely replacing the screwbox buy doing this. My idea was to equally space three nuts on allthread that's about 12-18 inches long. I would then weld barstock on the flat area of the nuts therefore lining them up and preventing them from twisting. Hence a six sided hex nut would have six pieces of barstock running full lenght from the first nut, attaching to the second nut and finally the third nut in unison. Then I would forge a case , similiar to a pipe, to protect the threads from trash. Also in the process I'll forge wings in the cover to lock into the recesses in th
  18. Replace the engine...yes. But I would not braze a motor to the frame if another method is a available....no. What I mean is if there is a proper replacement part or a way to make it look original then that's the way I wanna go. Thanks for the reference ThomasPowers!!
  19. Has anyone used the pouring of Babbitt in the screwbox to form the threads? This is my grandfathers post vise so I don't want to damage it so I'm a little against brazing if there is another way. I've also concidered getting three nuts threaded on the screw and building a cage of sorts to hold them online and form a new screwbox that way. Any ideas will be appreciated.
  20. I was talking to some blacksmths this weekend at the French Camp Pioneer Day Festival. They were telling me that many used to get coal from Carbon Hill, AL. Do any of you know if that's still true? I'm looking for a place I can buy bulk coal within driving distance of my house. I live in central Mississippi.
  21. Thanks Sweany! That's the design I was going to use but I forgot where I saw it. Thanks again!!!
  22. The pipe comes in 4ft sections and the roof is 62" from the forge table. I have 3 sections of pipe meaning the chimney would extend about 7ft about the roof.
  23. Yeah Glenn I think it may do that, but that's what I had available with the junkyard budget I have to stick to.
  24. Hey guys. I'm to the point in building my shop that it's time to punch a hole in the metal roof and seal it around the forge chimney. The chimney pipe is 3/16th thick pipe that's 20 1/4 inches OD. I've been told that the best sealant for this is rain gutter caulk.
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