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  1. I agree with all the suggestions Topher. I'm just a beginning smith myself. I'm planning on making anything used in farming, home decoration, and self defense. Pretty much if I need it or can sell it, I'm gonna try and make it!! I live in an area here in Mississippi that was settled by my family before the Civil War. (Burns Hollow) I'm thinking Burns Hollow Metalworks as my future smithy name. I hope that helped for an idea starter guide.
  2. Welcome from a newbie here in Ethel, MS!! Be sure to keep us updated with shop and project pictures.
  3. No worries LDW. I'm proud to know there are ones teaching and ones eager to learn. I hope to be at the June meet. See y'all there.
  4. Ok thanks. I was leaning toward that conclusion but thought I'd ask in case it was used for something else handy that I didn't know. Thanks again!
  5. I inherited a Hay-Budden #100 from my Grandfather that is in really good shape concidering it's age. I was inspectingit when I found a hole I could not identify. It's about a 3/4 inch square hole that is tapered. It's located about half way down the base directly under the horn. It looks like a tapered machined hole and I have no clue of it's potential use. Any ideas guys?
  6. They camped there many many years ago. They present no real threat so we just point and laugh one day per year........lol
  7. Lol No Frosty !! French Camp is a small town here in central Mississippi. They hold a day long event every year called Pioneer Day. It's basically a day in the life of a small town set in the 19th century.
  8. Does anyone know if there will be a blacksmith demo at French Camp on Pioneer Day. Its May 8th from 9am to 4pm.
  9. Does anyone know if there will be a blacksmith demo at French Camp on Pioneer Day. Its May 8th from 9am to 4pm.
  10. Thanks guys! My idea was using a 55gal drum cut in half. Use one as a ash pot and the other as a slag tub. I figure I'll be annealing a few things at one time and that would keep the temp from dropping too rapidly. I have a few drums from a friend that races stock cars that I can convert to smithy tools. Of course I'll fill them with water to eliminate the BOOM factor before I cut them. Thanks again guys! This forum is getting me leaps and bounds further than I ever imagined.
  11. Does anyone know how much ash is required to anneal a blade properly. I plan to make a box to anneal my blades in but I want to make it big enough for swords later. My question is simply is there a length to ash ratio that tells how many inches of ash a blade is required to be suspended in to anneal properly. Thanks for reading this.
  12. When you buy a new set of bolt cutters to cut the spring wire out of the bottom of and old sofa someone dumped in a vacant yard near yor home.......yeah twisted but ......steel is steel right?
  13. I just found out about the classes before the MFC conference. Are there any openings left?
  14. Awesome!!! I'll be emailing you soon for details. Just a little FYI about me. I have been doing a little bit of blacksmithing (fire pokers, tent stakes, etc) and realized my current setup was only holding me back. I'm currently buiilding a 15x22 lean-to on the back of my shop and will close it in after I get my forge assembled, anvil set, and floor leveled and packed. Yeah I'm addicted already!!! Thank a bunch to all that replyed. Have a Blessed day everyone.
  15. If you googled blacksmith school a few months ago I would pop up. Well thanks a bunch Glen. Do you know of anyone in the central Mississippi area that would allow a newbie smith to watch and learn from?
  16. Allison Well's School of Arts and Crafts is listed as a blacksmith school. It's located in Canton, Mississippi. Has anyone had any dealings or know anything about this place. I'm a member of the Mississippi Forge Council but would like a completehands on training more often if possible. Thanks folks.
  17. Oh don't worry fellas. I know this stuff is advanced. Jim Hrisoulas says it can make a suiteable knife if forged around 1750F. I'm just collecting ideas for it's uses that maybe some of you guys have used it for. Thanks for the replys.
  18. I have a few 12in X 3/16 bars of M2 steel can anyone suggest a good use for this metal. I'm looking for tools or knives that can be made from this. I understand that it's nearly if not impossible to forge weld this stuff. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
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