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angled cuts for curved edges


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i'm trying to make a knife where the edge curves upward to the back side and i was wondering if i need to cut an angle on the bar that i'm using so that when the metal expands from my hits it won't just curve too far backwards to where the back side isn't straight anymore.

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I suggest you start learning about basic blacksmithing first, and forget knives for a while. You have been posting many very basic questions, which imply's you are just beginning. A knife is not an easy first project, Learning how to move metal in the forge should be a first project.

Look through the forums, and the sticky's. Read all you can. There are already many things posted on the information you require.

Then ask questions about what you can not find.

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Tools! Tongs, s hooks, fire place/ forge tools, anything to develop your forging skills such as fullering, drawing, tapering straightening etc. You can never have enough tongs and they generally require several smithing skills including and certainly no less important than the rest, hammer control :)

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One more idea,

I am VERY new, so I know a little of where you are coming from.

I spent a year reading, watching videos, lurking on forums, filing and grinding wood, and shaping clay with mallets before I even started a forge. Part of that was due to the need to buy/make equipment, but most was prep work (and I am a little obsessive).

There is a lot of really good material available in book and video form. I don't want to offend anyone by recommending some to the exclusion of others. If you want some good reading or video cites, send me a personal email and I will tell you the ones that worked for me. Or, you can just google them down yourself.

Have fun with it. Its a great activity, even when you are not polished at it. I am not, and I love it.


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The core skills of Blacksmithing are not difficult to grasp, you draw and taper, you slit and punch, you bend and twist, an so on. Refining your ability to use the techniques to produce beautiful work is where the real skill comes in. Most people can write but not everyone is Shakespeare.
Enjoy your hobby as just that if thats what you want to achieve. If you really want to do this for a living then the time you invest in gaining skill will be repaid by the work you can do down the line.
Less than five years ago I wouldn't have known one end of an anvil from the other. Thanks to the guys here (you know who you are) and a lot of others I'm running my own shop in the guts of London and producing work that people respond positively to.
It took PRACTICE, some more practice and just so we're clear a bit more practice after that. I still reckon at being at about 30% of where I want to be skills wise, and your welcome to check my gallery to see where I'm at.

my 2p

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