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The books by COSIRA.

P. Bedard

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Someone told me that the following books could be found in PDF format on the web;
The Blacksmith's Craft.
Wrought Ironwork.
Decorative Ironwork.
These three books made up the course materiels for many British blacksmiths up to the mid 90's.
But so far, I have not been able to find them on the web. I have the three in hardcover but I am loathe to lend them out (two of them are signed by Tommy Tucker) so if I could download and print off PDF versions, that would be perfect.
Anyone know where I might find these gems?

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Sadly, no. That the exact same book I bought 15 years ago for about $25.00
And I haven't seen the other two volumes anywhere. I can only imagine what some of these book sellers would want for them.
That's why a PDF would be so great to have.
The search continues...

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They were located on a website listed in the lessons list here on IFI (LB0008.0001 Reference Material | Lessons in Blacksmithing). The link takes you to a new website now. I did a search on the new website and did not find the books. They were there in December as I down loaded the PDFs to my local HD. If your email can handle 13 MB files, I can forward you a copy of the PDF if you send me a PM with your private email address.


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The website with the books on has been removed, and there is apparently no intention to reintroduce them.

It used to be hosted by the countryside agency which seems to have disappeared and replaced by natural England.

It would appear to be another victim of the current financial crisis, or part of some other political game.

Whilst seaching for a link/contact to request if they could be reinstated or handed over to be hosted by our own Blacksmiths Guild, it would appear that the Minister for Education, and the countryside agency have disappeared into the reorganised political scene here in the UK.

We wil keep pursuing this issue.

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I have the pdf's downloaded of The Blacksmiths Craft. It is in five parts. Glad I did that some time ago. :D

Edit: I attempted to attach the pdf to this post, however, they exceed the limit established for pdf files in this forum. Maybe I'll work up a webpage to put them up for everyone at a later date.:(

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CoSIRA, was a realy usefull agency, it stood for Council for Small Industries in Rural Areas, and it helped guys like us with our day to day problems with doing usefull things in ways that helped farmers etc, and earned the craftsman a living. It was a success, so they did away with it, and started a new "improved" (read messed up) agency. The focus of the new guys is to turn rural craftsmen into a kind of theme park. I will see if my contacts at the Hereford Technical College, have the books downloadable and get them up for all of you who would realy benefit, that's just about everyone who has ever logged on to this extravaganza!

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While I realize this post is 8 years old, I figured I'd post this link for anyone still looking for these books. It includes PDF downloads for the CoSIRA books The Blacksmith's Craft, Wrought Ironwork, and Decorative Ironwork. It also has many other downloadable PDFs available for reference.


I'm just now researching smithing because I'm interested in starting it. I'm sure others will come across this thread looking for info, so hopefully this helps!

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