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Wanna be a smithie

Jeff Bly

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Hi all,

I'm from upstate NY, Albany area. I wanted a fulfilling hobby. I like working with fire and this is kind of a lost art, so...

I'm looking for people in my area to help me out with learning and getting started in the trade. I already own an anvil, a heavy as all xxxx post/leg vice and many hammers, punches, chisels, files, and grinders. I want to build my own forge in my garage. I hope you are all able to help me jump right in.

I am willing to accept all e-mails with all the information you are willing to throw at me. Thanks.


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Welcome aboard Jeff, glad to have you.

One tip to start with is click "User CP" at the top of the page and edit your profile to show your location, that way folk will remember where you are if they run across a deal, have a get together, etc. That and us old farts won't have to try remembering who's in the area when we're traveling and want a snack or place to nap.

Search around IFI, there a lot of forge plans for all kinds of fuels in the BP section. A series of getting started in the . . . Wait for it . . . getting started section.

Then of course there are all those talkative guys who hang out here you can ask them anything.


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One quibble: a smithy is a building; a smith is the person...

I once heard someone say that calling a blacksmith "a smithie" is like calling a mechanic "a garage". ;)

Anyway, welcome Jeff. You'll just have to overlook us quibblers.

And one more thing: go easy on the "dying art" bit... it makes the old guys nervous.

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