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Hammer Stand


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Just finished a Hammer stand like BP166...
for the base I used three routers welded in a triangle then two
more stacked on top of them; used angle iron to brace it up.
made the rings 15 inches with 25 2 1/4" cut from a spring welded
to the larger ring. I cut my disk stand off and dropped it on the
top going to have to cut about four inches off so the stand will be
at the right hight




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Ok in my opinion you have way too many hammers, I will send you my address to relieve you of this problem...

Looks great! One thing I learned myself, DON'T put your hammers on a rail attached to your anvil. HOT sparks fall on the handles where they go through the head, and will burn them up, or if epoxied, they will smolder and stink.

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Nice stand, but is it big enough? I ask because you still have hammers on the ground or are those the ones you are sending off to uncle spike?:D

a couple of them belong to my son ...the bottom is too large to fit the stand he'll have to cut them or trim them the way he wants .
yes it is too small I going to make one more rim of 25 then lower the shaft about five inches so the shelf will be where I can use it
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