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Check antique shops if you have any in your area, not always the cheapest places but they often have blacksmithing tools and equipment, ebay always has some but almost always way over priced unless you find a rusty one in need of a good cleaning or rebuild but then you still have the shipping to deal with.


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To make things more complicated: I've used bellows once and persponally wasn't impressed.
If you have a swap, buy and, sell type radio station I would start there. Call several times over a week or so. I called our radio station twice and ended up with two blowers and one fixer upper forge thrown in. I didn't get super deals (paid $125 for one and $150 for the other) but you don't have to pay crazy shipping fees, (ebay) or drive a ways. (craigs) Plus you might trip across some free steel, coal, old files, or odds and ends to use in your shop. Both the guys I bought my blower from had all kinds of stuff laying around!:)
Good luck!

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I would really like bellows:D, be it great bellows or the medieval 2 bellows side by side with a "rocker shaft" to pump them, but I thought that a blower would be easier to get right now:rolleyes:.

I think making two large single chambered bellows wouldn't be so hard, but it is a project for another time...

Still, either one would be better than my electric fan (an actual room fan:rolleyes:) that I am currently using!

Thanks so far, everyone!

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