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new from missouri


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Hey. I just joined, followed "irnsrgn" over from SFT. I am a high school science teacher that started welding a few years ago. I am an ex-Air Force pilot 1981-1990, and have been teaching since then at School of the Osage in Osage Beach, MO. I won't have much to contribute, but I will have a lot to learn from you folks. Maybe in 5 years, when I retire, I will have enough knowledge to get started on some new avenues of metal working.


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Welcome to the gang Ike, glad to have ya.

If you're going to wait five years to get started you're really wasting five years. There's a lot more to working metal than simple knowledge, especially the more hands on forms like blacksmithing. Muscle memory and experience are more than half the equation.

With enough practice, trial and error, logic and common sense you can figure out the bulk of the craft without ever cracking a book or talking to anyone.

However, no amount of reading and talking will make you a metal worker.

So, my recommendation is; (as always) get the minimum amount of tools and equipment and start puttering. You'll be surprised at just how little is neccessary.

Especially with us here to answer questions, make suggestions and occasionally visit.

Oh yeah, first on your equipment list is safety gear, eyes, ears, natural materials for clothes and leather shoes, as a minimum.


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