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Good deal, I think/ stainless ideas?

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I was on Craigs list for my near local area of Binghamton, NY and found a guy selling an avnil and all his farrier tools. I called him up and asked how much? He said $200 for all farrier tools, 70# mankel, NC tool anvil stand with shoe vise, and a van load of misc. steel stock. Ended up, through talking with him; I spent $300 with all I bought. In this pile of steel, he had 30+or- stainless steal laser cut discs and several smaller shaped pieces. I've been reading threads on stainless but am now looking for more ideas to use these other than just bowls and leaves. Any Ideas?

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Hey Wolf
My wife is from Athens PA, and there was a guy from Elmira NY, who used to go to the stockyards in Athens every Monday morning, to a flea market kind of thing. He had worked for the Lehigh Railroad Co, and had a BARN full of smithing/engineering/metalwork tools. His name is George Millanich (not sure if the surname is spelled right), he new where to find just about anything! If you or anyone else for that matter knows of his whereabouts I would like to catch up with him. How big are the stainless disks?

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Littlewolf can pretty much speak anytime for me, he's my link to the outside modern world. bipolarandy- Think his name was mike. JohnB- reflectors sound like a real good idea, haven't done that yet. lysdexik- lookin into Gearge Millanich, let u know if I find anything. Woody- I have only done a couple styles of leaves, but no time like the present to learn some new ones.. Thanks all so far.

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