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using makers marks

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From Knife chat Jan 16,2009

[LDW] Is there a proper side to mark your knife? Whether its a touchmark or stencil. I have seen them on either side, but was wondering if there was a standard.
[steve sells] totally I warranty is MY NAME, so I wont repair unless I am told to. I would prefer to replace it
[markb] They should get your best work. Same as with any job coming out of the shop
[steve sells] I do SLSELLS on one side with 1/16 stamp, and the other with Fenris Forge the forge name I have in 1/16 and 1/8 depending blade size so I use both actually
[Finnr] on antler handles I scrimshaw my touch on the butt
[steve sells] IF my son ever gets back in forge he will have his name, as well as fenris forge, when he is good enough: OK I stamp forge name on anything from my shop that I warranty. Also the maker name is there too on knife or camp set tools its as much a part of my advertising as the web site we all put a lot of work into our projects, we SHOULD put our names on it if we are ashamed to place our names, then it should NOT leave the shop
[Finnr] everyone has an individual style, but that isn't advertising to people who don't know your style
[markb] I would like to know how to get a good clean block letter stamp like HENRY as example
[steve sells] I bought my stamps. using standard fonts is fairly cheap I paid 80 for my 3 stamps using THEIR font, if I wanted something else, it would have been about $120 each
[m_brothers] from where, i've been looking for a place to get a John Martin Stamp Fromt
[Finnr] for a name buying is the easiest my bindrune is simple enough that I made my own stamp
[brucegodlesky] yep
[markb] Stamp cold?
[Finnr] Hot
[markb] Could you post pic on forum?
[steve sells] I stamp HOT red to black heat on final normalizing cycle before hardening
[m_brothers] how do you polish up the name then?
[steve sells] I though of a bind rune, but choose std english due to my non ren-fiar type work
[Finnr] I'm going to do a new stamp as soon a I can work in the forge again I could do a BP while I make it
[steve sells] you don't john, the name is inset deep into the steel I polish over the stamp maybe using a tooth brush to clean up later
[Finnr] OK! I'll shoot pics
[m_brothers] any place i could order from?
[markb] Any etchers here?
[LDW] I got a quote the other day for 135 dollars
[steve sells] do a fast search around places before ya have one made because it would be a shame if you made one and found another maker using one that looks close
[LDW] I etch
[brucegodlesky] a name stamp? Buckeye Engraving
[Finnr] only to bring up the pattern
[markb] After finial finish?
Steve sells] I got mine from CER Metal & Marking Corporation 2224 Industrial Drive Suite C, Highland,IN, 46322 (219)924-9710 they have a web site somewhere.
[steve sells] chemical stamping most likely should be done when finished
[Finnr] etch your name after mark? is that the question?
[LDW] I built one of those etching machines that was on the web where you buy everything from radio shack. Now I want a stamp.
[markb] etch would be that last thing?
[Finnr] I would say so
[markb] Press for stamp?
[brucegodlesky] I do it by hand but it's tricky
[steve sells] I didn't bother with a etch because of the pattern welded damascus I do it wouldn't show well, so got hot stamps made
[Finnr] I hammer, but am thinking of using an arbor press for the new stamp
[brucegodlesky] in the process op building a press
[markb] Would a press be used hot or cold or ether
[brucegodlesky] I would say either
[Finnr] I like working hot
[steve sells] I have seen makers use an engraver to make their marks, they just sign them
[brucegodlesky] I have a jeweler do some for me. dirt cheap
[markb] i have individual letter stamps a jig for these, yours not mine?
[Finnr] with my handwriting a stamp is a better idea
[brucegodlesky] usually 3-5 bucks apiece
[brucegodlesky] I had one and he took ill, supposed to be back at it soon, probably with higher prices too
[LDW] Batson did a demo on engraving at our conference a couple years ago. He made it look easy.
[m_brothers] for John Martin, should it a line or John second line martin
[Finnr] I want to learn, but there are only so many things a person can do
[steve sells] your call, buy remember the larger/longer a stamp the harder to use it on small items
[Fionnbharr (finn:-)] All complex things are a series of simple things combined in a specific process
[markb] simple isn't always easy
[brucegodlesky] I use 2 stamps. One is BIRDOG the other FORGE. The first for stock removal blades and both for forged

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