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Hello, a little info about me. I am a welder/fabricator since '93, started when I was in the U.S. Army as a "heavy equipment repairer". Ben in Florida since '99. In 2003 got fired and started my mobile welding service, was very busy during the housing market boom, last month I opened my weld shop, a little slow in the begining. Now I have the itch to learn Black Smithing. A lot of weld shops do hand railing, staircases, gazebos, etc. out of pipe, flat bar and square stock. Don't see much "Old School" fabrication, in the ornirmental iron works. I'm wanting to experiment with the trade and build a hand rail in front of the house, but I wont touch my welding equipment. I have watched many videos on You Tube, there are some good ones with a lot of info. In the begining I don't want to invest a lot money in the equipment, nor do I have much extra space in my little shop. Could I use a "Rose Bud" instead of the traditional furnace? Anvil's, cant find a used one, I'm wanting to make one, any info would be great!

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Howdy frome East TEXAS!! and welcome to IFI! OK, let's think this one through...Rosebud vs. coal/coke/charcoal forge....CHA-CHING!!! Can ya hear the $$$ flying out of your wallet with the Oxy/fuel being used!?! If you have $10-15 buck to spare you can build a nice forge with $$ left over for a cold soda...and burger with fries if you choose! As far as an anvil...most any hunk of steel can server for an anvil, at least until you find a "real" one, and a "real" one is speculative. Don't let these small thing interfer with doing what you want. Here are a few places to start"


IForgeIron.com > Getting Started

IForgeIron.com > Lessons in metalworking > Lessons in Blacksmithing

IForgeIron.com > Lessons in metalworking > Lessons in Blacksmithing > LB0008 Reference material

IForgeIron.com > Forum > Archive (Look for multiple pages 2,3,4 etc at the top of page. Pack a lunch and a cold drink before you go.)

IForgeIron.com > Blacksmithing Groups

Good luck and once again, welcome to IFI.

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Welcome aboard, glad to have you.

A railing is a bit ambitious for a first project but not impossible. As a fabricator you understand the need for precision, especially in something that's on prominent display in front of a house. One picket 1/4" out of plumb will stand out like a flare on a dark night.

No problem for a fabbed project. Forged steel has a plastic nature you don't run into as a fabricator though. Makes for a good challenge. There's plenty of help available here as well.



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