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I would just like to introduce myself, I am Brad Laidlaw, and I have been doing small amounts of forging for the last six or so years when ever i have had the chance. After moving a few years ago I have just recently been able to get my stuff re-set up and am in that process right now. I hope to take part in the discussions here, and hopefully be able to have all my problems solved, and maybe help out someone else along the way.


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Well, as I said before, I have been at it for a few years, with a bit of an interim between...So, this being the cas, I am still really just learning my techniques, and it pretty much has to be self taught, cause I don't know that many in the area. For the most part however, I make simple things...i started with wall "J" hooks, and have made a few attempts at knives. Currently I am working on a Celtic style double edged dagger. Not sure what metal it is.....just some random scrap round stock, but it is okay for being my first project in three years.
As far as my set up, I am using a small charcoal forge, with a hairdryer blower(set on cool setting) I have a ninety(90) # anvil that I got out of someone's barn. This is really a temporary hing as I don't knw how much longer I will be at home for, so, until then I use this, abut it feels good to get back into things after so long a break.
Aside form blacksmithing I also do some armouring with both steel and leather, making chainmaille and other assorted things as I am involved in the SCA and do Heavy combat. So that being the case I have made almost all my armour by myself!

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