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I Forge Iron

Anyone know how to make charcoal forge?

Logan L.

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Where in Northern Wisconsin are you? I am just South east of Eau Claire and more than willing to lend a hand. If you are anywhere near Hudson Or the surrounding area there is a member of Badger Blacksmiths near you. Give me a holler and I'll see what I can do to help.

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I forge out of an old Webber grill filled with hardwood wood ash, and burn charcoal or wood. Been meaning to try the wood pellets they sell for stoves/heaters. Got the idea from bladesmith Tai Goo when I came across some pics and a description of his "forgebeque"

I got the grill out of the trash, the legs were rusted off so I set it on an old car rim. I drilled a ~3.5" hole in the side and inserted a length of 3" iron pipe. then i packed the inside with with wood ash. It takes quite a bit of ash. I use an electric squirrel cage blower to provide air to the pipe. Its pretty basic and easy to move. Works well when you get used to setting it up right. Everything except the car rim was free. I just have to remember to dampen the wood ash before start up and every once in a while as I work so I don't make a dusty mess.

If your ever in the appleton/fox valley area your welcome to come check it out

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This is the easiest to build and one of the most versatile and efficient charcoal forge designs I know. I made one like it in literally 5 minutes, and still use it after months. You can adjust the bricks to the size fire you want, and the firebricks reflect heat back onto the piece, making it very efficient.
Simple Sideblast Charcoal Forge

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Here is a pic of my grill wood/charcoal forge. The pic is poor since I snapped it out of the window in my living room but you can just make out the hole I cut in the side for the pipe. I usually set the blower on the soda keg in the pic and just place the mouth of the pipe in the output of the blower. The blower provides more than enough air so I don't worry about sealing the connection tight.


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Will and Logan, Reiss Coal in Green Bay had Blacksmith coal the last time I called...

There are many ways to build your own forges. Welcome to the group.

I was born and raised in Menasha, and Grandpa had a blacksmith shop in Medina for a while, I will let you know next time I get up that way, may stop for a visit.

Logan where in Northern WI are you, I got some "kin" up there too....

Also I would take Finnr's advice and find a forge group or another smith there, they are great for getting information on supplies etc...

also there is a place in Briarton to get steel pretty cheap.

Name: Schoessow Steel Inc
Street: W3676 State Highway 156
City:Bonduel, wi 54107-

Best of Luck, and welcome to the "family"

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Well i tried making one by putting fire bricks on top of a piece of shelfing, the steel kind you see in grocery stores with a bunch of holes in it, inside a cast iron stove. I tried it like that with a fan blowing air under the door of the stove and under the shelf but I don't think it got hot enough. So now I ran a piece of drilled pipe under the shelf and i will blow air out of that.

Think it will work?

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