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Jewelry Tree

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This is a jewelry tree I made for my little sister for Christmas. The trunk is made of 1" Solid sq. the branches are made of various sizes round stock. Shes probally a little too young to appriciate it now but hopefully she will in the future. Its textured with a wood grain tool that I made for the powerhammer.



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Im glad you asked about the wood grain tool, good luck trying to duplicate it. It was simply luck that I made it. One day I was making some powerhammer tools and I came across a piece of steel that was cut with an Oxy/act torch that looked exactly like wood grain. I welded a handle on and whala! The branches are TIG welded on. I'm not much of a traditional smith, but I guess TIG welders have been around long before I was born.

btw. the wood grain tool has a flat face, if someone cut a rounded notch for round stock it may make the job alot easier. I was fighting the 1 inch bar after i rounded it up trying to make the flat tool give a round surface an even texture.

Thank you frosty, its always nice to hear that I can create something worth buying. LOL

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Great tree Dan,

My daughter wanted something like that for Christmas but I ran out of time.

I like the texture tool idea. I have some flame cut steel laying about. I have made a variety of trees and have not been happy with the texture I could give them(but no one complained). It would be easy to cut half rounds of various sizes with a torch.

I have been attaching branches with an O/A torch and have thought about using a TIG. I need the torch practice.

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