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Howdy - First Post


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I'm in my 2nd half-century. Will be setting up a forge and place to work with red hot metal in the next couple of years.

I've used gas and arc welders since I was 14. Over the years I've grown to appreciate the older way of doing things.

Things I do know:
1. I'm not a pimple on the backside of a good welder.
2. I'm less than that where it comes to blacksmithing.
3. I am still capable of learning.

That said - Howdy.


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I want to welcome you to I Forge Iron
Un-like a new horse in the pasture, no one here at I Forge Iron will come up and bite or kick you.
The following is just my personal belief:
I have seen many, many people over many years start into the blacksmithing craft.
At first most people seemed to question weather they would fit in, learn, and be able to function well as a blacksmith.
My observations are that when a person enters the environment of learning the craft of blacksmithing, they brings with them all the experience and knowledge they have acquired over their life time.
And all of your life experience counts toward a persons approach to solving problems and issues that you may encounter while blacksmithing.
I believe that you will find that with proper training, simple well choreographed (time tested) techniques applied with appropriate timing goes a long way.
I used to say that practice makes perfect, and that repetition is the mother of skill. But I have been wisely corrected.
My reason to belong to I Forge Iron is so I can improve my skills. As I understand that I need correction, I accept it with open arms.
So, I would like to quote what Rich Hale said:

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