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Metallurgical Question: Alloys with Tungsten, Melting Point?


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I have a Metallurgical Question.

Some Steels and Metal-Alloys include Tungsten in their composition. In producing/smelting these Steels and Alloys (with Tungsten,) how does it combine?

Since Tungsten melts at 6170 Degrees f, and Iron melts at 2798 degrees f, how do they mix/combine?

Does the Tungsten remain as solid particles in the solution of molten Iron? If so, is the Tungsten ground into fine particles before it is added to the melt, or is Tungsten's melting point reduced when in the presence of molten Iron as a catalyst, or do they heat the melt to 6170 degrees to get the materials to flow/combine?

Of course, it's not just Tungsten. When Titanium is added, it melts at 3035 degrees f, tantalum at 5425 degrees f, etc. Many different elements are adeded to Steel, alloys, etc.

Just curious.

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but ya gotta know that Jerry is a member of the >5000F club

Hi ya Steve.

I also read from a "Fundamentals of Metallurgy" text, something about molten Iron acting much like a solvent in dissolving other higher-melting-point-temperature elements.

Yep. You still need a lot of heat for alloying tungsten though. That's were ferro alloying chems come in handy.
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