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removing flux residue after forge welding

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I read various references to using acid's to remove the flux and vaguely remember something about vinegar.

Is vinegar strong enough to remove the flux residue or is there a commercial product I should be looking for?

like most any acid its the dwell time and the temperature dependent rate of chemical activity that would determine if it would do the job within a reasonable time frame

Ive used alot of white vinegar and its a decent pickle (far less toxic than muriatic which is the other acid Ive used alot), what I havent done however is any forge welding so can't really address using it to strip borax

chemically its considered a weak acid even within the carboxylic acid group
I consider that an advantage (being cheaper and safer) Edited by Ice Czar
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I use 20 mule team Borax, have started mixing with silica, and with small parts and tight crevises even with a butcher block brush you will still have some residue in those little tight hard to get to places. Boiling hot water or hot vinegar seems to work pretty well. I have asked and hoping for some E-Z Weld for CHRISTmas!;)

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