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I Forge Iron

Tried a defferent leaf size.

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Finished this set on Sunday. The guy bought 3 sets of matching BBQ tools for x-mas gifts, and finished the third set yesturday.

The leafs that I normally do on the handles are kinda like a willow leaf. About 1/2 inch wide, and 3 inches long.
Made these shorter, about 1 3/4 inch long and about 1 inch wide.
they thinned out real good. The edges are about 1/32 thick.

I run some collors with a torch, hit it with a brass brush, and apply linseed while still hot.




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I don't quite know why they want a knuckle guard on a lid lifter, because I make them perfectly to fit the hand gripping it all the way around

Same here. I make them to grip the entire handle.
These are out of 1/4 square bar, and if you grip it as though it were a gaurd, the tool twists.

I do have one handle design for folks with large hands that has a finger loop.
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Very attractive.

When I make loop handles like that I flatten the material a bit to make a wider and more comfortable grip. Like the handle on pliers.

A third item could be a long handled steak knife so you can check doneness without burning your hand.

If folk insist on holding them like brass knuckles then perhaps that's how you should make them. Success is being able to give people what they want without compromising your standards. Of course their wants and your standards need to be reasonable.


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Scratch, heavy on the leaves, lightly on the rest.

Frosty, When I hand people a tool, the first thing they do is stick their hand TROUGH the loop. Then I tell them to wrap their hand around the whole thing and they say, "That's better."

Never tried to flatten em a little, I always round em out to take off the sharp edges. I guess I will have to try that.

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Just curious as to what linseed oil that you are using. The reason that I ask is that boiled linseed oil is toxic because of the dryers that are in it. I did not know this until I received a cast iron wafer iron which had been "seasoned" with boiled linseed oil. I liked the color and finish but upon further inquiry, I found out that it was toxic and should not be used on any cooking utensils.


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I don't even put it on the business end.
I clamp them upright in my leg vise, run the colors, brush on the oil, then wipe off the excess.
None is put on the fork or hook.

I have prolly sold about 50 of these thing and have not lost a customer yet.

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