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Attempting to make a bbq fork

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I havn't been doing blacksmithing long and I'm attempting to make a bbq fork based on this blue print.
BP0154 BBQ Fork
I started on it yesterday and got it to the T part and nite time ended my day.

I'm doing mine a little different then the one thats here, I don't have a grooving tool like the one thats pictured , Plus I want to do the handle alittle different, I'm going to see if I can get the hen to come out and take picture's of my progress, and once I get it done i'll post some pic's on here. Tom

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WagonMaster, Sounds like everything is going great, right up to the forge weld part, I'm assuming.
There is an awful lot here on IFI and we all get a lot from it, but individually we are all separated by cyberspace and sitting at each our own screens. Get with some local smiths near you. Welding is that big bad "oh boy, I don't know if I can do it", but you will.
Here on IFI you can find smiths in your area with regular meetings and you will get a hands on "here's how you do it" with great folks showing you hands on.
Somewhere here is a "Find smiths near you" thingy. Ask Glenn if you can't find the list of groups.
Don't worry, you will be welding soon. Your biggest question will be "What is this type of steel I have here" and that is more important and up to you to determine, but YOU WILL!!! Dan. :)

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Just noticed your post,, Thanks Dan,, I hang out with a Group called the Possum Trot Forge Council, And we normaly meet the last sunday of the month, My big problem is lack of time, Trucking is very demanding, And I normaly get in for one day , and that don't leave alot of time for forging or anything else..

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