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Quenching an HC spike knife

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Page 5-2-3: Specifications for high carbon steel track spikes 1968. Carbon not g
reater than 0.30%, nor greater than 0.20% copper.

American Railway Engineering Association's Specifications for Soft-Steel Track S
pikes. Original document, 1926, revised last in 1968

Where did you get 1040?

Go with superquench; better than icewater; but spikes are even at the best a poor alloy for blades. OTOH the rail clips (anchors) are 1040-1060 and so start out better to much better as bladestock.

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Thanks for responding guys =) Yes I had heard of and looked into superquench but had heard that ice water did give near similar results (in certain cases, as in on certain sites). The 1040 is something I swear I read but I have had one other person ask that question so I suppose it may have been wrong :(

Maybe I'll do this one in water and the next in superquench and test the difference for myself :D

Thanks again guys, really appreciate the comments!

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Is that hairpin spike made from real wrought iron? Would have to be to be ACW; wouldn't think they would be using them for ECW back in the 1600's, now the Spanish Civil War was back in the 1930's and so mild steel could have been used.

The town museum in Manassas VA had examples of American Civil War RR track; but I don't recall seeing spikes like that.

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