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  1. Did you see the piece of rail road aso and he has modern tongs
  2. Went there 2 yrs ago just found the pic's again, He's making spoons they use long handle spoons. I have another picture he's hammering them out but its blurry. Wanted to add this was at a tradtional village tourist trap we went to that showed the way things use to be and every grade school child goes there on field trips sometime in there life if not several times our grandkids all had been there it is a very popular place if I ever got back I'll take more pic's.
  3. They are both JUNK don't get caught dead with them please pm me so I can give you my address and you can send them to me then you won't have to live with the shame oF owening them, please hurry don't let anyone see them they might laugh at you. I will hide them in my garage and tell people they are some other type of anvil if they see them ,have you pm me yet H U R R Y .
  4. Thank to everyone for the help,,, but now I have to wait untill friday to light another fire and try it again. Mike Ameling I will try what you said about the thermal cycle and hope it works for me and thanks again.
  5. I got 2 garage door springs cut rings off put in fire made points on ends curled them then made it into the C shape heated the striking edge HOT red diped in water just the striker edge. Looked GREAT tapped it after cooling with a small ball pen because the curls were not even and it broke in pieces. Can someone tell me what I did wrong and why??
  6. Neighbor just came over and said I have some thing for you I went to his truck and there it was a Peter Wright Anvil ,But my question is on the side it has stamped 0-3-24 can anyone tell me what that stands for. Oh and the best part he got it for $20.00 thats Twenty dollars and he just gave it to me no charge I told him I wanted to hug him he said no thanks lol. I have not been doing any smithing lately after my homemade r/r anvil that had a piece of steel welded on it broke off it put me down in the dumps and I've been wanting a real anvil so bad, oh another ? what will clean the light rust off good besides good old elbow gresse.
  7. Thanks,artist and Woody. I have a 1" square x 36" long rod that i'd like to make some cross's out of.
  8. will it work good for forgeing things ?
  9. Looks cool to me ,Wish I could think up stuff on my own like that.
  10. the super quench is 5lbs rock salt or just plane table salt ?
  11. if you can find some kind of ceramic pot place 2 fire brick under the pot to set it on and around it 3 brick's higher then the pot like a kiln then a large propane torch ,open up a hole on the side by moveing 2 or 3 bricks to set the torch in close to the bottom and then fire it up. Put all your aluminum in the pot before you heat it up ,Aluminum pours at 1200 deg. if you have a Foundry close to you ask if they have an old pot you could have and if they use hard sand made with "pep-set" fourms ask if you can have a large piece make a groove in it then pour your aluminum in it SLOW VERY SLOW.
  12. The Forge,Blower and Anvil has been setting outside between 2 semi trailer for the last 3 weeks. The blower is a Champion laying nexts to the fire pot and stand, The fire pot is cast iron and is going to need a lot of TLC the pipe that goes under it the bolts are rusted bad . The Anvil looks to be in good condition of course painted black its next home will probably be as a yard ornament. Unless My friend's wants to go I won't go next month but don't know for sure.
  13. So after waiting haft the morning for them to move outside to get to the good stuff I ask the ol boy when will they be getting to the Anvil and Forge he says "oh that won't sell until next months auction". (insert bad words here) All was not lost I got 3 hammers, the first one is long it looks like a small rail road spike hammer I got it for $5.00 but I had to spend $7.50 for a new handle the second is a newer Engineer hammer $3.00 and the last one was $3.00 it looks like the engineer but its squared off on the sides, in this book I have it looks like what they are calling Riveting hammer. The last 2 hammers were the on the last table of the day luckily no one seamed interested in them so I got them. the last 2 are cross ping hammers
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