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Forge hammer from Savannah railroad museum

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Greetings all,

Friday my wife took me to Savannah roundhouse railroad museum in Savannah,Ga. Being a huge railroad fan and modeler, this museum had many treasures.

Including a huge forge hammer, 250 lbs anvil and a small forge. There was other machinery also,dunno what they once did though.

Just thought you folks would like the pictures. Losing my vision,my wife took the pictures.Hopefully in the coming months I'll start to gather my tools,anvil and build a forge.







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Sad to see it sitting there all clean, would look better with a pile of scale around the anvil, bit of oil here and there. Would be better to see it in operation and being used to make real things. The general public looks at that and does not really appreciate the true power and visual and aural effect that a working hammer demonstrates. I guess its about a 10cwt hammer.

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That's O.K. Forgemaster. Last months Balcones Forge meeting was here in San Antonio at the shop of George Schroeder. He's a professional Metal Artist. And this is in his shop. Sorry, for the bad picture, is was with my cell phone. He also has a 1000lb hammer. It was an impressive sight. He was just doing a small demonstration with 1" square rod. It did it all in 1 hit.



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