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I Forge Iron

help please

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i have this silver ring that has the iron stamp that blacksmiths makes horse shoes on
it is a tiger eye full stone that moves around in a full circle inside the claw

i have googled it and asked loads of ring makers about this ring but nowbody knows anythink about this ring

can anybody help put me in the right direction to find a web page about this

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All cameras have a close focus limit distance. If you get closer, you only get blur. Stay beyond the close focus limit distance, use a zoom feature if it is available, and use a high resolution setting. A neutral background will be best as the camera has nothing to focus on but the subject, otherwise it looks past the subject and thinks you want the background in focus.

Take the photo, crop out the subject removing all the extra space, and post.

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Good photos will allow us to better answer your question. From there I would suggest jewelry sites for either someone that would recognize the piece, or could create a copy.

This may be a one-off ring made by an individual. If they are retired and have moved on to something else, it may be difficult to locate them. Do not give up the chase, if you ask enough questions to enough people, you may find the original maker of the ring. If you do let us know.

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thank you all for your help
i will keep searching for the answer and let you know if i ever find out
my phone has now broke/packed up
i will post a better photo when my new phone turns up, as it is a 5 megapixels camera and i will be able to take a photo of the mark inside the ring
take care

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I have a couple silver necklaces that have an anvil on the clasp end. I looked today but due to wear can not tell the entire company's name. Above the anvil was a name that I can no longer read, under the anvil says "Silver Smiths". My wife says I purchased them in Brown County, Nashville, Indiana at a small jeweler that is no longer in business (she has been there since I have...).

A friend of mine says the anvil marking on silver jewlery is not an uncommon marking to signify it's silver content, but I have not had time and luck to verify this idea. However, I did find a website of makers marks for silver articles Silver markings. They also have a section to request assistance with identifying a mark. Here is another possible lead allexperts answers

If I find out any more, I'll add it here.


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