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Issues with ITC-100

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I purchased some missousu and itc-100 a few weeks ago and it just finally came in the mail today. the one corner of the box was damaged, so before opening i grabbed my camera to document everything. I ordered one pint of ITC-100. It was sent to me in these two 1/2 pint containers, sealed with MASKING TAPE. I was expecting the factory packaging, not this hack job. Beings that this brown liquid has leaked out of both the containers(there is still some in there, but by the looks of everything, a lot has leaked) I am not sure if the ITC-100 is still good to use, or if that liquid is a necessary component.

As it stands, I am NOT pleased whatsoever with Ellis Custom Knifeworks, whom I ordered the materials from. I left a message on their answering machine, and I will wait for a phone call.

The missousu i ordered seems to be in good shape.









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In that first pic, with the dented box... I don't know if I'd blame the seller for that. It looks like it was probably damaged in shipping. I'd maybe contact them.

Is it possible that the damage caused by shipping could have caused the leak?
Seems like a fairly small dent so I'm not sure, but I didn't open it and see how it was laid out.

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the dent shouldnt have effected the itc100, as it was at the corner where the missousu was. however, the jarring force of the box hitting the ground or whatever it hit may have shaken the itc100 up some.

i still dont feel very good about the packaging of it. I was under the impression i was getting a factory packaged product.

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Your ITC-100 is just fine to use. It has to be thinned with water to apply. I have purchased ITC-100 from Darren and it was packaged just as yours. He buys in bulk and repackages to keep the price down. There was no "hack" involved.

I'll second that. It's hard to find better & more helpful folks than Darren and Kathryn Ellis. They are hard to contact because they are very busy people. While you can sometimes reach them by telephone the best way to get hold of them is by email. They set aside Monday and Tuesday evenings to answer the email they receive.

As mentioned before, they buy in bulk and repackage their products to save you money. If you want a fancy package be prepared to pay more.

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This is what a pint of ITC-100 should look like. ITC-100. Mine actually had a layer of wax paper around the lid to protect from leak.

I would compare what you paid with what a factory sealed pint from other websites charge to see if they actually "kept the price down" by dipping into their bulk supply. If you paid what would get you a factory sealed package, I would have an issue. If you paid less, then it's expected that they would package it themselves.

Now the poor packaging is a whole other issue, if I received something that had leaked due to what I thought was poor packaging, I would return it.

If you don't mind, how much did you pay for the ITC?


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After looking at the pictures of the ITC half point containers, that is not the way they should ship such material. I wouldn't except it.

That's what your wonton soup comes in, not ITC-100.

Newspaper, garbage bags and wonton soup containers, not what you would expect to receive your refractory in, huh?

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