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treadle hammer bearings

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If you are going to have a guide system, use the high density plastic. You will have less friction.

That's my story... an I'm ah stickin to it.

Actually, I've heard (second hand) that Clay advocates the swing arm treadle as the best design these days. You might toss him an email and ask for his current thoughts.

I built a treadle hammer with a guidance system using high density plastic. It has served me well. I've also played with one with the wheels and then used a couple swing arms. I'm convinced the swing arm design is best.

YMMV! Best advice..... Decide what your actual goals are for your hammer. Think about what processes and type of tooling you want to be able to use, then try out some of the designs before you build.

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Hello polarbearforge!

Do you have Spencer's inline hammer plans or do you know where i can get them from?

I used inline skate wheels, worked great. Easy to replace if need be. I made mine based on Spencer's inline hammer plans.

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