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Hummingbird feeder holder

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The other day my significant other asked me if I had a hook or something to hang the hummingbird feeder that she just got.  I said I can make one.  Oh boy a project!  I had a piece of railroad spike that I had drawn out and used for some other stuff.  I took that piece and made a hummingbird feeder holder.  When finished I coated it with beeswax.  That's the first time I have done that.  I think it turned out nice.20240606_172439.thumb.jpg.665b59c6181019babd7e5ba62319f713.jpg



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It's pretty great to make what you need isn't it? Good job! We had bought some old  chicken tractors when I first started smithing and they had screen doors on them. No door pulls so I made some. They were very plain but man I was proud to have made them :D

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That'll work nicely Will. Next time you make a hanger like that extend the end screwed to the post long enough to use two screws. The longer length will also extend the moment of leverage trying to pull the screw, nail, etc. out of the post.

The trick I use is do the twisting before drawing the ends it makes it easier to get even twists and makes the transition from twist to what ever smoother. 

Frosty The Lucky.

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