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How far is too far?

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Enthusiasts, how far would you all travel to pick up a nice unit?  So often things pop up and at a very fair price, but the distance is too much for me.

I suppose if one is anvil-less then on would be more prone to make the excursion.

Here is a classic example of one that makes my heart go piter-pat.   Over 200kg and clean edges for $500ish, Oh my...  But a 10 hour round trip doesn't sound like fun and I sure as sheets don't need another anvil.

I had trouble getting my 107kg in the truck, this would be a bear.


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Yeah, logistics can kill a good deal.  Travel time doesn't bother me (you get used to it living in Wyoming where things are really spread out) but when you add in the cost of gas, meals, and, maybe, lodging the good deal is sometimes not so good.  And then there is the issue of loading and unloading being limited by what I can realistically lift by myself.  At the home end I do not have anything like an engine hoist, etc..  I'm limited to ramps, levers, come alongs, etc..  Finally, living in the most thinly populated state in the lower 48 there aren't as many sales/deals coming up as there are where there are more folk.

"By hammer and hand all arts do stand."

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For me, I think it would come down to what is one the pick-up route. My family and friends are pretty spread out at this point and there are so many things we would like to get out and see/do. By the end of a trip, having a “new” anvil would just be a bonus. (Of course with my luck, it would be near a place I have not interest in, but would excite my wife;), happy wife happy life)

Keep it fun,


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It's the economy of the deal that makes it a good one or an albatross around your neck. Is it worth more to you than it costs to acquire, is the only question that matters. There are a few other valid reasons to buy if you don't have a use for a thing. Save it from the scrappers or such. 

Frosty The Lucky. 


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