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rail road spikes


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In some states (or is it all?) in America, walking along the train tracks and picking up the spikes is illegal. There is no law about what you can or cannot heat up and hit, though (is there?! :shock: ) Carbon levels can be different in spikes, so some might not be the best knives, but if you have some and want to heat and beat them, nobody is going to throw you in jail.
my 2 probably misinformed cents :lol:

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you can legally buy RR spikes from many scrap dealers. i ran into a guy last summer who had purchased the rights to a load of spikes and scrap rr stuff. he was hauling it north about 45 minutes away to a 'recycling center'.
as long as the rr splikes are not on railroad property, i believe they are ok for the taking. unless you locate them while trespassing that is :)

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