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Small Skinner


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Hey, this is my first post and i would really appreciate feedback, good and bad.

i made this knife from an old broken file, all the fittings are solid brass and the handle material is ironbark (Australian Gum Tree). the overall knife is 130mm or about 5" in length.





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That looks handy like what you did with what you had available . That wood looks neat overall a good functional knife. I wouldnt mind having it myself. My wife on the other hand would point to my desk drawer and ask me if I dont have enough knives and I would have to say no honey :)

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thanks for the comments, everyone
and yes it is a very functional knife, it only has a single bevel like a mora
so it's very sharp and it works amazingly well as a skinning knife.
i'd love to get some more feedback and i'll have more photo's as well as other knives up soon, thanks guys

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For this knife all i did was drill a hole through the brass for the tang to fit through,
and then i peened the end of the tang in the hole and soldered it on for extra strength.
i hope that answers your question duckpond.

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well i think this is a topic of much discussion,
the steel itself in files is a high carbon steel, which is great for knives,
however i think the main problem with forging files (and rasps) is
that the grooves, or furrows i suppose one could call them create weaknesses in the metal and can cause it to break
especially in the process of hardening the steel.
this is actually how the file my knife was made from was broken.
im not sure how accurate my information is and i dont know if im the best to give advice, im not exactly a very experinced blacksmith, but i think the best way to avoid
breaking a file is to either remove the grooves by forging it smooth or by stock removal. otherwise you just have to be really careful when hardening the steel.
but yes files are excellent for making blades and fairly easy to forge

happy forging

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