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Alan B

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Once again I find myself asking you, my friends, for your prayers. Wednesday October 1st I will be having spinal surgery to remove 2 blown lumbar disc. One of which has broken off and is pressing on the sciatic nerve root. After a month is allowed for this to heal I will have another surgery to remove the back hlaves of the vertebra from C-2 to C-7 to try and relieve pressure that has developed on my spinal chord due to arthritis and other conditions. Please remember me and my family during this time. I will make sure to keep you all updated through this thread.
Thank You,
Alan Brazzel

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UPDATE: I'm home. Doctor said surgery went well yesterday and released me to come home today. I'll be in a back brace for a while and can't work in the forge for at least a month. I'm going to take it easy and give myself time to heal. Thank you all for the prayers and concerned emails. Glenn, thank you for providing us with this venue to seek solace and comfort. God Bless You All !!!!

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Alan, your welcome. Now would be the time to do some study on blacksmithing, take notes and make drawings of the projects you want to make when you get back to the forge. (grin). Take care for yourself and don't rush things.

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