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I've got a old friend coming this weekend that I haven't seen in over a year so I thought I'd make something for him and his wife and did these wall hooks based on some others that I have from Old Cedar Forge.

As usual they didn't come out as well as I'd like (perfect that is!) but they are fairly similar looking and that will just have to do.



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Larry, consider that idea stolen!! LOL. NICE work!

Well seeing I got my idea's from these; Product Listings

It will have to be a twice stolen idea!

Thank you all for you kind words, I could list all the "defects" but I'll leave you to your kind illusions of my adequacy and continue to pound on to "perfection"!

I received the Hofi Egonomic hammering DVD the other day and tried using that technique. It is a very different method but I think I can get it and use it effectively with practice.

Thanks Sam, the anvil is working out very nicely.
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I used a wire wheel to remove the scale then wiped them with linseed oil while they were still warm.

They were not punched, I dimpled them with a tiny ball peen, using tongs between the legs to hold them. Before I curled the hook. After normalizing and descaling I used a drill press to finish the hole inside the dimple.

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