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This Little Boy Needs Your Prayers


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Andrew and his family are acquiantences of my daughter and her family through a support group that my daughter started for families of children with congenital heart defects. He has Open Heart Surgery a couple weeks ago and has not been doing all that well. He has made great progress but now is having more problems. Below are the updates that his mom Sasha has posted to his care page throughout his ordeal.

Please include this little boy and his family in your prayers.

Posted Aug 27, 2008 12:14pm
Well, Andrew had his big surgery Monday. The surgery itself went well. They went in and repaired the Tri-cuspid valve took him off of bypass and Dr. Harrell just wasnt 100% satisfied, so he put Andrew back on bypass and worked a little more to where he was satisfied. He then came down to the PICU where he started to mis-behave. I just new that something was wrong with him when it took the surgeon 2 and a half hours to come out and talk to us. He told us that once they got into his room, he started to bleed more that expected. (his chest is open by the way) they worked on him for a while and they were about to put him on ECMO when Andrew started to show improvment. They doc said that we should be able to go in in 15 minutes. It was another hour and a half, a nurse came out of the icu and told me "he is STILL coding and we cant get his heart rythym back. that is when the long stretch of codes started. He coded for 30 minutes and they shocked him 9 times. They were trying to get him hooked up to the ECMO machine. They got him hooked up and eveything is the same as of right now. I have never been so scared my entire life. I dont see how parents can loose their children. The pain that i was already going through was already unbarable. I am just so glad that he made it through that hard part. I hope from here on our is nothing but good. Please pray for him and our family to get through this tough time. Please pass his name on and add him to every prayer chain possible.
Sasha-day 3 in the PICU.

Posted Sep 1, 2008 5:55pm
Sorry it has been a little while since the last update. We came off of ECMO Friday morning. Woo Hoo. He has done being off of ECMO. We have taken baby steps in the right direction. Saturday Dr Harrell put a few training sutures in and he did well with that so Sunday he closed the sternum and left the skin open. They were able to close the skin today. Our next big hurdle is getting off of the vent. He has alot of fluid on board at this time, but we are hoping with time he will be able to pee some of that off. I have been reading him books and his blood pressure goes up some. So i am hoping that he can hear me and know that i am there with him. God is wonderful and I cant thank him enough for what he has done for him. We still have a little ways to go, but things are getting better ever day.
Thank you for all of the prayers and support.
Sasha-day 7 in the ICU

Posted Sep 2, 2008 11:02pm
Andrew has had a good day. He has pee'ed and pee'ed. Poor thing. He is looking so good. God Is Good. He has a broncial scope done today to look at his left long. It has not looked so great on X-Ray. They were able to suction some of the yucky out and so hopefully the AM x-ray will look good and they will be able to extebate him tomorrow.That is our next hurdle. Nothing else to report, so just keep the prayers flooding and pray for all of the other little ones in the hospital tonight aswell.
Sasha-Day 8 in the PICU
I know that my papa is looking down just guarding Andrew and wrapping his arms around him.

Posted Sep 7, 2008 9:08pm
Andrew has been doing pretty good. He came off of the Vent Saturday. That was huge for him. He is still not able to recognize faces just yet. he is still on the Methadone. So i think that is why he cant focus on anything. He looks so frail and weak. I am just happy that he is getting a little better each and every day. Still keep the prayers coming. We still have a ways to go.
Sasha-day 13 in the PICU

Posted Sept 9. 2008
Andrew had a great day yesterday. He sat up for the first time in 2 weeks. He didnt like it much, but he still did it. One of his first words to say again was "ouch". I felt so bad for him. I know that had to have hurt. He has had several cups of apple juice which was so good. I got to spend the night with him lastnight and i held him forever. It seems like he was able to get in some real sleep in my arms. That is so rewarding to see him wanting his mother.It is amazing to me that a little boy that was so sick, on ECMO and on the vent as long as he was is able to even funcion already. It seems like it has been forever, but it has only been 2 weeks. What an amazing God we serve. Well, I just thought that i would update everyone and thank you all for all of the thoughts and prayers.
Sasha-day 15 in the PICU

Posted Sept 10, 2008
Well, it seems like we took 5 steps and head and 3 back. He has been running fever the last 24 hours and they are unable to break it with the Tylenol. His sats went from 85-88 at one liter of O2 to 65% at 2 and a half liters. He may possibly need the VATS procedure (Video-Assisted Thoracic Surgery). That is for the build up of blood, tissue and fluid around that left long. At first the Doc's thought that it would heal on it's own, but now they are beginning to question that theory. Just pray that his fever goes away and his sats come up. I know that this has taken a huge tole on his little body and i dont know how much more he can take.
Sasha-Day 16 in the PICU

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We will keep him and his family in our prayers. I have a 19 month old grandson. His name is Garrett. He was born at 27 weeks, 2lb 12oz with many serious medical concerns. He has survived and managed very well. I attribute much of this to the power of prayer. Children are truly a blessing....

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A miracle happened last night, please see the latest update on Andrew, on behalf of Sasha and the Tender Hearts Support Group I thank you all for your prayers.

God is good. With all of your prayers, Andrew is doing much better. The nurse told me, "I dont know what happend, but everything just went away" I know what happend, God healed him. His is bright eyed and bushy tailed today. I just love my little man. He is getting his attitude back which is a great sign.
Sasha-Day 17 in the PICU

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Andrew is doing better, he will be going home in about a week, here is the latest update from his Mom.

Update 8-i think
Posted 2 hours ago
Sorry it has been so long since the last update. Andrew went into surgery last monday to clean out that area around his left lung. Happy to say that the fever has gone away. We are still in the ICU, but we only have 7 more days left and then we can go home. So hopefully next Sunday we will be home. Woo Hoo. Tomorrow will be 4 weeks since the surgery day. It seems like it has been forever. Well the hard part is over and now all we have to do is wait.
Thank you all for praying for my little man.
Sasha- 27 days in the PICU

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Andrew came home yesterday, on behalf of his family and Tender Hearts I thank you all for your prayers.

This is an update from his mom

Home update
Posted 15 minutes ago
WOOOOOO HOOOOOO!!!! Andrew came HOME yesterday. It feels so good to have him home. He is doing much better than he was 5 weeks ago. He is a little quiet, but i guess i need to take advantage of it while it lasts, LOL. He is wonderful and I am so blessed to be his mommy. Thank you all for all for all of your support and thoughts and prayers.
GOD IS GOOD!!! pass it on!

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