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Info On Motor Bolt Frame Specs???

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         Tried to find this on my own but info seems lacking to answer my question.

I have one of the older Bader BM-2 Belt Grinders from 30 years ago and want to up grade it to a 3PH with a VFD.

The Bolt face on the Bader/ Baldor Motor is a 145TC...

The Motor I want to use is a 56C.

Both are 4 bolt but are they the same???

Any ideas on this is appreciated!

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UH, seagiant, I don't understand your question. What are you asking about, bolt specs or bolt patterns? What did they say when you contacted Bader and asked? 

Before you contact them you might want to clean up your question so it's more understandable.

if you're worried about bolts, buy ONE grade higher but don't get silly. If you're worried about the bolt pattern maybe make a new bolt plate for the grinder.

Frosty The Lucky.

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54C and 145TC are different frame sizes, 145 size is usually used on 1.5HP-2HP motors and 56 would be a size down from that. (Though Baldor does some motors that are the "wrong" frame size sometimes)

It looks like the C-Face bolt pattern between the two is the same, but you would need a shaft adapter to make that fit, and if you are using the mounting feet at all that bolt pattern is different as well.



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         Sorry, I'm trying to get info on upgrading my old Bader to a 3 ph motor to give adjustable speed.

The Bader BM-2 has a Baldor 145 TC Motor.

The Motor I'm looking at has a 56C Frame, thought I was clear on that, but...

So, if the new motor shaft is correct and has a "C" bolt face, I should be good.

Might call Bader, just to see what they think?

There should be tons of these old grinders still around, but see little on them or any upgrades?



         Thank you, from the chart seems the shaft on the 56C is smaller (5/8") but...

Better than larger, making an adapter is doable for me as I have a lathe and mill.

Thanks again!

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Just make sure your new motor has a TEFC or Washdown enclosure to keep out the grinder dust.  Be a shame to spend $ on the modification to end up with a fried motor after some use. If I were spending to replace a 2 x 72 grinder motor I wouldn't settle for less than 1.5 HP, and might even prefer going up to 2 HP.  Also be sure to check the motor RPM on the current unit to be sure you match that as closely as possible (1,750, 3,600...).

When you contact Bader, you might also want to see if they have a drive wheel for sale that will fit on the new motor (or you may also be able to source one as an aftermarket purchase that could be less than the cost of the materials and your time to manufacture).  You could even consider a larger diameter, which would give you more belt speed at the top end.  Bushings are certainly an alternative as well, depending on the relative shaft size.

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