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  Thanks, Jeff.  I have been side tracked, just lately, as well.  I have a list of things to try, too.

  Aric, it was an old project and I haven't casted in a long time, but it was fun.  I am getting the itch to get back into it but will try iron instead.  Aluminum and brass have a cold look to them, I don't want to mess with bronze, so I think I will build a cupola and take a whack at it.  I'd like to make an iron butterfly.....:)

  IFCW, only 4" tall.  The whole skeloton was 20" tall.  It was for a halloween display.  A forged one would look better, I think.

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Casting iron would be a good place for lost foam casting, you're going to need some petrobond or resinbond sand  b ut a cupola is pretty easy to build. Fun projects.

Frosty The Lucky.

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