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Formula for tonnage selection for closed die forging hammer/forging press


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Hey everybody

I was hoping that some of you could help me out. I am looking to start an Industrial production business where I will be utilizing closed die forging hammers and forge presses, but I have one major problem. I don't know which machine weight class I should be choosing. Some of the parts I have in mind is a bit complex and would probably be forged by the hammer rather than a press, but how do I choose which ram weight? Is there a formula out there I could be using to choose? something along the lines of x amount of tons is required to forge x amount of mm ( yes I use the metric system ) These machines are very expensive and it would not be possible to buy a 2t forging hammer only to realize it does not have enough power for example.

I am not allowed by the customer to put any drawings up online, sorry


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Do you have an equipment manufacturer in mind? If so call them. They are potentially getting ready to sell you an quite expensive piece of machinery so they will provide you as much info as possible about their equipment. 

There are also many, many books on the market that is full of info for the industry that you should invest in as well. As a machinist i can not remember all the different formulas and such right off my head so i have a copy of Machinery's Handbook in my toolbox for example. And to get back to my first point if i do all my figures and the like an i am still having a problem with cutting the material at hand i will call my material supplier to see what they suggest or my tooling supplier to see what they suggest. 

Looking at my quick reference here i can say that 300 tons of pressure can press 10" (~250mm) diameter of mild steel. Notice i said mild steel, change the material you change the amount of pressure needed. 

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