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That first hawk is made from a rasp too if I don't miss my mark!

You run into any brands of rasps that are case hardened and so not suitable for blade work?

Most of mine are old ones and I've not run into any cased ones; but I'm burning through my pile and need to start rustling up some new ones and would like to avoind the cased ones if possible.


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I'm currently stationed in Okinawa in the AF (Getting ready to retire in 5 years).

AS far as rasps go, I only use Belotta Hoof Rasps. THey forge well and will quench in water. If I cant find used one I'll pay the $20 and buy a new one.

I make alot of camp irons and such and sell them at a local swap meet. It's designed to sell your stuff to the Japanese. They really eat stuff like fire irons up, paying whatever you ask for it. I had made a steel rose (took me about a half hour and about $2 in materials) that I was using at a paper weight. A local came up and asked how much, which I told him it wasnt for sale. He then made an offer of 10,000 yen (Roughly $100 USD) so I parted with it.

Thanks for the welcome

Bob :)

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