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Interesting Buffalo 200 dual drive blower.


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Just picked this up..  Came from up around the old Devens Military base..     Be my guess that it was army issued because of the paint which look original. 

I have not dug into it yet to see if the shafts were welded on or solid from the factory but who ever did make it done a might fine job. 

It uses the silent 200 early cast iron gear box and a belt drive on a 1 to 1 pulley system..    The pulley system acts directly on the pinion/fan shaft..   While the handle has a pawl gear ontop with a lock out so you don't get beat up by the handle whipping around. 

This blower I have in mind for the Buffalo RR forge.. Having the electric and hand crank doesn't get much better than that..  Turns over super smooth but she is a bear..  Gonna be a great left arm work out. 



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