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Not another post on portable bandsaw stands...

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Yes it is :D

There all kinds of tutorials and youtube videos on this.  I know, I looked at all of them.  Disclaimer:  I am not a welder and I don't play one on TV.  I am a woodworker but it didn't seem the way...

I don't make a lot of videos either...but I do learn from them...no video here.

Here is my solution.  I've been using it for several months, cutting up to 1/4" plate steel, 2 1/2" and 3" schedule 30 pipe, ABS pipe, leaf springs and some brass rod.  Broke a blade today and had enough forethought to order a package of 3 Dewalt 44 7/8, 14 tpi blades at the same time I bought the saw.


WEN Portable Band Saw (Amazon), milk crate, on/off switch (Amazon), couple electrical outlet boxes, zip tie (to keep the trigger depressed), 2X4 scrap for inside the crate, wood screws to secure the 2X4, 1/4 plate steel cut to the size of the top of the milk crate.  Used a cutoff blade and circular saw to cut the slot for the blade and drilled/countersunk the holes in the plate to coincide with the bolt holes in the saw.  I epoxied the 1/4 plate to the top of the crate.  The 2X4 inside is used to hold up the saw (otherwise the only thing holding up the saw are the two bolts securing the saw to the table).

The only tool needed to remove the saw from the crate is the allen key supplied with the tool (2 screws attaching the saw to the table).  It lifts out after removing these two screws.

and it's still portable when mounted in the crate :D











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Welcome aboard CNP, glad to have you. NICE build! I love my Jet, horizontal vertical band saw, it's one of the most used power tools in my shop.

Well done, really well done! and thank you for NOT posting a video! A how to link might be a good thing.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Adjustable speed 60 - 420 fpm.  7500' is up there compared to my 5000'.  Last time I was in WY was for an antelope hunt near McFadden in 2014.  Beautiful State.

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First I found Michael Cochran's post with his welded stand. Looked like a good beginner welding project for me, just have to make a trip to the scrap yard. 

Then I saw your post and I'm like, winner winner chicken dinner! I love that it doesn't add much extra weight so I can carry it outside or downstairs without much effort. 

I won't be installing electrical outlets. What's the purpose of those anyway? I assume the band saw plugs into the outlet and then the electrical outlet plugs into a wall or extension cord. Why the hopscotch? 

I also won't be using a zip tie for the trigger. Probably a hose clamp or spring clamp. 

I purchased the Bauer portable band saw and foot switch today. Won't have any shop time to work on this stand till next week though. 

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