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Belts for hard steel

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Most blades I have made were from simple carbon steel. I make tools also and have run into issues with H-13. Grinding 4140,5160,6150 I can hog into a forged punch or drift no problem and the ceramic belts I am using ( blaze and shredder) seem to last quite a long time. Throwing in H-13 though I have to throw my weight into it to just scrape the scale off. I like H-13, but grinding it is eating belts. Are there better belts for higher alloy steels? Would zirconia or carbide be better?

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I use ceramic belts with H13. If you need to do a lot of grinding then anneal first (as best you can, this is a good practice in any case) and/or use a grinding wheel on an angle grinder. Then you can finish with the belts if necessary.

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