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New made vises

George Geist

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That’s Vaughns anvils in the UK not to be confused with Vaughn hammers in the US,

I just checked there website, they still sale post vises, 

interestingly enough they carry a lot more metal working stuff then I realized, 

One thing I thought was cool, is they still make those old school cast stands for swage blocks, 

anyways sorry for rambling,

if your looking for a new post vise in the US, i just saw the kancas on centaur forge, 

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Kanca anvils are very pricy. 

I suggest that you look around for a second-hand vise.

in my personal experience post vise anvils are not that rare. 

Just sayyin,


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I totally agree with y’all!

 used is definitely the way to go! 

$50 bucks USD, a wire wheel and some grease and your all set! 

but since Mr Geist, specifically asked about were a body could find a new Post vise

I thought It was informative to let people know that they are still being made and where they are available new, if someone chooses to go that route 

Personally, I love it when someone at an antique store argues with me an says something isn’t being anymore…

and I can list to them the 10 modern companies selling the same item new lol! :lol:


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