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Blacksmithing Help for student in Western Finger Lakes Area

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There is a New York State Designer Blacksmith (NYSDB) meeting this Saturday morning in Rochester at the Arc and Flame shop.  Great shop to learn more.  With adult supervision he can attend (2) free meeting to see if he would like to join the group.  We have another young man about your son's age who has recently joined the group and seems to be enjoying it.  There are plenty of experienced smiths in the group, and we do have regular demos at our meetings, but it isn't necessarily a teaching session.  If he is respectful, listens, and asks good questions he should have no trouble learning the trade and how to set up a forge.  There is also a blacksmith school at Arc and Flame that has regular classes he might be interested in.  I believe based on his age he would need to e approved, but with prior experience that shouldn't be a problem.

Unfortunately the NYSDB site is down at the moment, but you can swing by the meeting tomorrow starting at 9 AM for more info here: https://www.rocafc.com/.  Have him wear cotton, or at least non poly clothing and work boots to the meeting if he wants to forge.  He can bring the stuff he forge at the museum if he wants feed back on how he can improve.


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SAFETY GLASSES!! Get him and yourself safety glasses and explain the idea of 2 ears and 1 mouth. He'll get a much better reception if he shows up wearing safety gear and if, unlike me at his age, he can listen more than talk I'll bet somebody adopts him for mentoring. Blacksmiths are funny like that, rough tough reputations but marshmallows at heart.

Oh, as a last thought, I gave you cuts in my inbox line. We have a Finger Lake not far from where I live and I'm always looking for new club members. ;)

Frosty The Lucky.

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Sorry you missed the meeting.  I think it is possible to configure your account here so you get notifications of responses to your own topics.  Might want to investigate setting that up.  The other young man I mentioned was at the meeting and worked on a rail spike knife this time.  To date I've been acting as an impromptu mentor, as Frosty indicated, it is pretty common.

Of course your son is welcome to bring his own safety glasses.  They are mandatory for our meetings.  We have a pretty good selection of same at Arc and Flame to borrow, which is why I didn't mention them.

There are (5) chapters of the NYSDB in upstate NY.  Each meets on a weekend, some on different ones.  Our chapter (Genesee) meets at Arc and Flame on the third Saturday each month.  I'm not completely certain of the other weekends for the Niagara, Mohawk, Southern Tier...  Always went to the website, but as I noted earlier, it is down for repairs: http://nysdb.org/.  The Mohawk group does have a Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/NYSDB.MohawkForge/, but I don't know how active that is.


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