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Grinding weld off anvil face

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My step-father gave me an anvil he's had hanging around for a while and today I cleaned it up for use.

It started like this: 1380521340_anvil-pre-wirewheel.thumb.jpg.231fe489a27dbc76f32ebaca99e38ead.jpg


and wound up looking like this after a wire brushing and some boiled linseed oil:


He said the guy he got it from used it for welding which is probably where the gouges in the face and corners came from.  I'm fine with avoiding the gouges but I'd like to know if I can safely grind off the leftover weld on the face?


I'm not sure what they did to the hardy hole but would like to clear it out and get it usable, too.



Thanks for any advice you might have!

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I wouldn't have a problem grinding just the raised weld beads, just don't remove any of the hardened steel face. What I would start with is a cold chisel and file to smooth them out and the hardy hole can be repaired with the same chisel. It looks like a Hay Budden anvil to me and should have a serial number on the front foot under the horn. Kinda hard to read but the weight stamping under the logo looks like 151 pounds.

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If you have an angle grinder just use it flat on the disk and it'll stop dong much when the weld is gone. If you tilt it up and use the edge of the disk you might grind what you don't want to.

Flap disks are contour following and WILL eat into the face unless you have a VERY light touch.

Frosty The Lucky. 

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