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Need help identifying blower


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Kinda looks like some kind of automotive blower from the 3 v belt pulley, but I have no clue if it might be an actual forge blower. I'd guess more automotive or something Industrial. 

That guess said, not saying it couldn't work as a forge blower. The pictures dont do it a lot of justice in guessing.  

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That’s interesting what ever it is, judging by it setting next to that tire it looks decent size, I’ve got a couple of big belt driven forge blowers but they all have names on them, maybe you could hook it to a dc motor with a control so you can turn the speed down ? 

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I tried searching type c1 n08 blower and didn’t find anything then I tried searching for engine turbos but I couldn’t find any that mounted like that.  
    it’s interesting to me that it has a sheave type pulley on it, personally I’ve only ever seen those on industrial machines.
And it has what looks like grease cups i don’t really see a lot of things with grease cups anymore most everything has zerks. 
Does it have bearings or does it have bushings or Babbitt? 

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