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Trying to Identify my post vise


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I just purchase a post vise after some cleaning I found limited markings it looks like peter wright, or Iron city but also a bit like a trenton any help or info would be great.

I will post more pics shortly was able to disassemble and clean up the vise.




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more pictures, purchase up here in Maine at a antique store not sure if it is originally from Maine or the shop got it from out of state not sure 











after looking it over a bit more the marks that I found look like solid box 45 warrant appears this may be a peter wright from what I have found or at least my best 


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I'll assume that's Maine USA and not a Maine in any of the other 100+ countries that associate here on these forums on the World Wide Web.

Note the divot on the bearing bolt hole and the bump on the bearing bolt.  Usually seen on the older vises in my experience, the oldest ones having a wedge through the bolt rather than a screw thread and nut to hold them in place.  No mortise and tenon mounting system, and the screwbox doesn't look assembled in parts and forge brazed; so not the earliest styles.  The nicely beveled legs and the bevel around the cheeks for the bearing bolt indicate a "upper tier vise"; I'd go for an English made vise. The screw is in excellent shape for it's age, I'd wonder about it being a replacement save that the screwbox looks original to the vice itself and they would be replaced at the same time.

So good for another 150-200 years of well maintained use!

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