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Help needed identifying anvil

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I'm Pongsak, a beginner blacksmith from Bangkok, Thailand. I just bought a anvil and would like to know who made it and possibly the age. I cannot find any markings. The waist was welded.  It is around 91 kg. I was wondering if you could tell me more information of this anvils.

Anvil01 (9).jpg

Anvil01 (1).jpg

Anvil01 (2).jpg

Anvil01 (3).jpg


Anvil01 (4).jpg

Anvil01 (5).jpg

Anvil01 (6).jpg

Anvil01 (7).jpg

Anvil01 (8).jpg

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Try the flour trick on the sides; my guess it that it's was made in England and that the waist forge weld failed and it was rewelded with an arc welder.  If done right not an issue as some high grade anvils were arc welded at the waist in the more recent ones.

Unfortunately there were over 200 anvil makers in the UK and many of their anvils look very similar as a maker would learn the process working in another manufacturer's shop and then go off on their own and for some reason, their anvils looked a lot like the ones they learned on.

It has a steel face and a wrought iron body, so please don't grind or mill the face!

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